“I'm not alone.”

Going though post-abortive healing really gave me a sense of freedom in Christ. I felt as if a 100lb weight had been lifted off my back. My small group setting gave me a sense of relief knowing that there were others who could relate to my feelings. 

— J.M.

“Push through the pain”

Prior to my healing from abortion, I couldn't laugh and I had no joy. I had feelings of deep sadness, sorrow and regret, I was completely numb. When I started my healing journey I was alone. My pain was so real at times I felt like I would drown. After my third time of joining a group I pushed through the pain and discovered that God was there waiting for me on the other side! With each step He was right by my side. Now I can experience joy, forgiveness, grace and peace, I felt loved for the first time from my heavenly Father.  

— T.E.

“The right to life is the first among human rights.”
– Pope Francis


I had no idea sharing my story would bring so much freedom. Each and every time I share there is a layer of healing that takes place.

— J.M.


“Choices no regret.”

Choosing life was the best decision I ever made. I considered terminating my pregnancy but after hearing all of my options I knew this was what I was suppose to do. 22 years later I have never regreted my decision to have my baby!  


“Your story matters

Everyone has a story and we want to hear yours! If you have a story that would bring hope, healing or insight for someone please share with us. We would love to highlight what God has done in and through your life.