Prayer Teams

First and foremost we cannot do what we do without prayer! We are looking for people who would commit to praying with us and for us. There are specific things within the pro-life movement that will be praying for throughout the year and if you are interested in becoming a prayer partner, hosting prayer nights, praying at abortion clinics or just want to stay up to date on how to pray with us, please email us by using the contact form and put PRAYER in the subject line. 

Justice Teams 

Still in the beginning stages, these teams will help be our "boots on the ground"! We need volunteers that will be the voice for the voiceless in love! This team will be involved with advocating for life as needed at our State Capitol, make phone calls to our representatives, write letters to Congress, attend/volunteer at pro-life conferences, help educate our community on the risks of abortion and much more! If you are a wanting to enlist on this front line please contact us by using JUSTICE in the subject line. 

Resource Team

Do you have a heart for fundraising or know people who love to give? We need YOU! We are constantly looking for individuals who will help gather donations for our bags, host packing parties and help us get the resources we need for our Lavishing Love Campaign. If this is something that you would be interested in please use the word RESOURCE in the subject line. 


If you have a gift or talent with videos, podcasts, blogs or administration this is the team for you! We need people that would volunteer their talents in this area. 

Media Team